Quarantine Speakers’ Bureau

If you would like to have any of these speakers at your chapter or community event, please contact clshq@clsnet.org. All speakers are available via Zoom!

David Nammo
Executive Director and CEO, Christian Legal Society


  • Religious Freedom is Not Free
  • Lessons from Babylon
  • God’s Priorities for Christian Lawyers
  • CLS – Past, present, future
  • Lawyers and Discipleship
  • The Good Samaritan

Kim Colby
Director, Center for Law and Religious Freedom


  • The Supreme Court
  • Religious Liberty
  • Legislation and Faith-Based Organizations
  • Law and Liberty

Reed Smith Photo.jpg
Reed Smith
Director of Litigation, Center for Law and Religious Freedom


  • Religious Liberty Update:  Discussing religious liberty cases that are currently pending or recently decided and their impact of religious liberty issues.
  • Model Rule 8.4(g) – Saving the World from Lawyers, One Offensive Statement at a Time.  The American Bar Association has adopted Model Rule 8.4(g) to protect against sexual harassment and illegal discrimination.  However, the rule as passed includes a number of provisions that unconstitutionally and imprudently infringe on the rights of attorneys.  The Rule has been rejected by numerous states for this reason and at least 5 state attorneys general have stated that the rule is unconstitutional as written.  This seminar discusses Model Rule 8.4(g) and the many problems that would come with adoption by the States.

Ken Liu 
Director, Christian Legal Aid Ministries


  • Biblical Call to Justice for the Poor
  • Introduction to Christian Legal Aid
  • The Call to Serve the Poor
  • How the Lord Called Me to Legal Aid Ministry
  • The Least of These—and How Lawyers Can Help Them

Brent Amato
Chicago Attorney and Law Student Field Staff, former President of the Board, Christian Legal Society

Topics for Law Students:

  • “How to pass a Final Exam and grow closer to God”-A strategy to deal with a student’s fears during exams and actually receive a spiritual blessing
  • “So You’re a Christian Who Happens to be a Law Student”-A look at calling and law school for the Christian
  • “Peacemaking 101”-An introduction to Christian Conciliation
  • “‘Follow Me’”-Jesus’ call to the law student

Topics for Attorneys:

  • "Vocational Victory" (Excerpts)-Principles and personal testimony on the integration of faith and practice
  • "The Confessions of a Pharisee”-How legal training and practice can be toxic to your spirituality
  • “Are you a Healthy Lawyer?”-A diagnostic inventory of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • “Serpents, Doves and Lawyers”-What to do with Matthew 10:16?
  • "Can I introduce you to Zenas?” Titus 3:13-14

Mike Schutt
Director, Law Student Ministries and Institute for Christian Legal Studies


  • The Liturgy of the (Billable) Hours
  • The Liturgy of the Hours— or Divine Office— is a framework for marking the hours of each day with prayer. It formed the basis for the life of monastic communities and is still a large part of the life of much of the Church today. How do lawyers mark their days, their hours? Do our lawyerly habits and practices shape us— positively or negatively— in the same way that liturgical habits do? 
  • Success: Lessons from the Book of Joshua
  • Redeeming Law: Christian Calling and the Legal Profession
  • The Christian Law Student’s Calling
  • The Lawyer’s Calling
  • Integrity and Calling
  • Vocational Stewardship in the Legal Academy
  • What’s a Nice Christian Like You Doing in a Profession Like This?
  • Heart of Darkness: What is Law School Doing to You?

If you would like to have any of these speakers at your chapter or community event, please contact clshq@clsnet.org. All speakers are available via Zoom!