Quarantine Resources

Looking for some good quarantine reading material?

We’ve got your back. The CLS team has compiled a list of some new reading suggestions and some old favorites to help encourage and, we hope, challenge you in these trying times.

We will continue to update this list. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these offerings and we look forward to gathering together with you again soon.


CLS Publications

We just mailed the newest issues of CLS’ The Christian Lawyer magazine and The Journal of Christian Legal Thought, but we know you need material now so here’s a nice snippet of what’s to come.

Reading Recommendations from the CLS Team

The executive director and directors of CLS’ ministries offer their own personal reading suggestions.

From David Nammo (Executive Director):

From Mike Schutt (Director, Law Student Ministries):

From Kim Colby (Director, Center for Law and Religious Freedom):

From Ken Liu (Director, Christian Legal Aid):

From Courtney Herron (Director, Development and Communications):

Cross and Gavel Podcast

Mike pulled out some of his favorite – and most watched – podcasts just for this occasion. Click here to watch them now.

Our Favorite CLS National Conference Speakers

We’ve posted videos of our favorite CLS National Conference speakers from recent years. If you’d like to check this out, click here.

Need a Speaker?

If you are looking for a speaker who can participate in meetings via Zoom during this challenging time, click here to learn more about CLS' special quarantine Speakers' Bureau.