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The Cross & Gavel Podcast is designed for Christian lawyers and law students, but our topics range from pop culture to theology, from books to movies. Host Anton Sorkin invites a variety of guests to speak on topics relating broadly to faith and culture, but our focus is on the intersection of faith and work, particularly work in the law.

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Recent Podcasts

James K.A. Smith, Keynote Speaker, CLS National Conference 2021

Special episode featuring James K.A. Smith's keynote at the CLS National Conference 2021 in San Antonio, Texas. 

Destiny Herndon-de La Rosa, Founder of New Wave Feminists

Destiny Herndon-de La Rosa joins Anton Sorkin to discuss the questions that may be emerging due to SCOTUS possibly overturning Roe.

Holly Ordway, visiting Professor of Apologetics at Houston Baptist University

Holly Ordway, fellow of Faith & Culture at the Word on Fire Institute, and Anton Sorkin talk about the cultivation of the Christian imagination and the life J.R.R. Tolkien.

Dr. Matthew Lapine, Pastor of Theologicial Development, Cornerstone Church of Ames

Dr. Matthew Lapine, author of The Logic of the Body: Retrieving Theological Psychology, joins Anton Sorkin to discuss how scripture instructs believers to “be anxious for nothing,” creating the illusions that how we respond to stress is entirely a product of personal agency. Dr. Lapine pushes back on this notion, calling for a holistic vision of anxiety rooted in theology and science.

Matthew Kaemingk, Assistant Professor, Director of the Richard John Mouw Institute of Faith and Public Life, Associate Dean of Fuller Theological Seminary, Houston Texas

Every Sunday, pastors across the nation are telling their congregants to leave the stresses of work behind and focus instead on Jesus. Here to discuss this separation between work and worship, and how the church can do a better job in promoting the integration therein, is Matthew Kaemingk. 

Steven T. Collins, Law Professor and Founding Director of the Religious Freedom Clinic, University of Texas

Anton Sorkin is joined by Steven T. Collins to discuss the sinking of the USS Dorchester off the coast of Greenland in 1943. In the moments thereafter, courage and panic proved to be the currency of choice; some, succumbing to the moment in sheer terror. While others, embodying the sacrificial tenor of true heroes, gave their lives to save their friends. 

Jonathan Rauch, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institute, Contributing Writer, The Atlantic

The rampant flood of misinformation has made it increasingly difficult to be a member of the reality based community. Jonathan Rauch joins Cross & Gavel to diagnose this problem and to offer a solution.

Kelsey Dallas, Religion Reporter, Deseret News

It's no secret that religion of late has lost its luster in the eyes of many Americans. Cast into relative disrepute for seemingly disrupting the momentum in the fight for equality, religion is no longer seen as the preeminent value once deemed by both political parties. Anton Sorkin and Kelsey Dallas discuss these issues. 

Kim Colby, Director, Center for Law and Religious Freedom, Christian Legal Society

Another term, another Supreme Court review! Kim Colby and I talk about the cases that impacted the state of religious liberty in America and what the future may bring. 

Daniel Bare, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, Texas A&M

Joining us today to talk about conservative Christianity and racial identity in the segregation era is historian Daniel Bare. We talk about the fundamentalist tradition in the early twentieth century and why the influence of the black church was lost during this period.

Andrew L. Whitehead, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Association of Religion Data Archives, IUPUI

From the Book of Numbers to the storming of the Capitol, Andrew L. Whitehead joins us today to discuss Christian Nationalism and its impact on American religion. His new book, with co-author Samuel Perry, offers a seminal sociological study for understanding this new movement, including the various ways Christian Nationalists think, vote, and manifest their desires for a renewed Christian America.

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