Advocates International

Advocates International (“AI”) seeks a President & Chief Executive Officer. Reporting to the

Board of Directors, the President & Chief Executive Officer will lead the organization into a

season of even greater fruitfulness by refining its strategic direction, enhancing its global

operations, and strengthening its financial profile.


 Please send any nominations or application materials (including the completed Expression of Interest document and a Curriculum Vitae) to Jeff Brauch (, AI Board chair, and Pete Rathbun (, a fellow Board member and the chair of our Search Committee. Please submit any applications by March 20, 2021.


AI’s mission is to inspire and mobilize advocates globally to “do justice with compassion.” AI

envisions a world in which all peoples are able to thrive in hope, peace, and justice, within

societies committed to freedom of religion or belief and the rule of law with integrity. AI seeks

to encourage lawyers around the world to bear witness to Jesus Christ through the legal

profession. AI pursues these goals through a global network of Christian lawyers and other

“advocates” who coordinate on a national, regional, and global basis.


AI was formed in the early 1990s. The aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union gave birth

to a number of new or refashioned nation states that sought to incorporate democratic ideals and

norms. AI responded by offering assistance to lawyers, legislators, and judges on the

ground. Through relationships with these individuals – often referred to as “innkeepers” – AI

helped strengthen the rule of law, human rights, and other hallmarks of freedom within their

respective contexts.


From its initial focus on Eastern and Central Europe, AI has grown into a global network

connected across more than 100 countries on six continents. The network is now represented by

a Global Council made up of leaders from around the world. AI currently focuses its efforts on

six areas of advocacy. These are the Rule of Law, Religious Freedom, Justice for the Poor,

Family and Community, Peace and Reconciliation, and the Sanctity of Human Life.


AI has numerous strengths, such as an active prayer network, proven leaders in various regions,

solid partnerships with like-minded organizations, and faithful donors. Building on this

foundation, the President & Chief Executive Officer will develop and execute on an effective

strategy for growth and impact at what the Board believes is an inflection point in AI’s history.

This will require deep engagement with the AI network. The President & Chief Executive officer

will identify, equip, and coordinate AI leaders around the world – including via travel to

countries in which AI is operating. In addition, the President & Chief Executive Officer will

devote significant attention to growing AI’s budget, cultivating new donors, and implementing

updated fundraising methods.


Advocates International is a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the State of Virginia.


• Full Title: President & Chief Executive Officer, Advocates International (CEO)

• Reports to: Board of Directors of Advocates International (Board)

• Term: Full-time; terminable at election of the Board

• Location: AI headquarters in Alexandria, VA, or such other location as agreed with the


Duties and Responsibilities:

The CEO:

1. Is responsible for the effective and efficient management and administration of AI and

leadership in promoting and implementing its programs and strategies.

2. Works with the Board to develop strategies for achieving AI’s mission, vision, goals,

and financial viability.

3. Clearly articulates and models AI’s mission, vision, and values to the staff, board,

funders, and other constituencies; exhibits and inspires visionary thinking and action

in others consistent with the mission.

4. Seeks, evaluates, and acts upon opportunities for innovation to change, grow, and improve.

5. Prepares, effectively manages, and ensures compliance of an annual budget to be approved by

the Board.

6. Identifies, cultivates, and solicits donor prospects; secures sufficient funding to ensure

accomplishment of mission objectives.

7. Prepares, implements and administers AI’s fundraising initiatives to ensure sufficient

funds for the ongoing operation consistent with the approved budget, and develops new

sources of funding for future programs.

8. Provides suitable and timely information to the board about key issues for discussion,

analysis, and decision-making that allows the board to set the agenda and focus of


9. Recruits, develops and retains a capable staff and manages its performance effectively

through clear job descriptions, periodic feedback, training, and performance reviews.

10. Uses a Biblical mode of dispute resolution in respect of any other matter that may

arise in the carrying out of the duties of the CEO and other AI

employees/volunteers, etc.

11. Leads and inspires the development and continuing vibrancy of the global network of

Christian lawyers, working in collaboration with the AI Global Council and national and

regional fellowships of Christian lawyers and represents AI to these networks, the broader

Christian community, and the general public.

12. Ensures that AI is appropriately represented at conferences, workshops, and other

gatherings relevant to its mission and vision, both within and outside of the AI


13. Nurtures strategic collaborative relationships with organizations, national or

international, on matters of mutual interest and concern.

14. Facilitates the development and support of AI student groups at law schools

throughout the AI network.

15. Performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned to the CEO from time to



Other Qualifications:

• Lawyer and disciple of Jesus Christ who maintains a Biblical lifestyle

and agrees with AI “Statement of Faith”

• Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

• Visionary

• Self-starter

• High level of integrity/discretion and maturity in Christian character

• Diligent and goal-oriented

• Results-oriented and Kingdom process-led (including the ability to execute on

decisions, follow through with opportunities, and generally operationalize vision)

• Willing to engage in international travel in accordance with approved budget

• Positive “can-do” attitude

• Familiar with donor/membership/event software

• Website/social media skills a plus

• Commitment to spiritual development, personally and with others

• Excellent communicator with cross-cultural understanding and ambassadorial


• Strong history in ministry (experience in leading Christian law associations would be a

plus) and evident gentleness and love of our Lord and people.

• Creativity

• Frugality/Stewardship

• Good fundraiser