2013 CLS National Conference - Life Together

October 17, 2013 – October 20, 2013

Clearwater Beach, Florida

About Event

CLS attorneys and their families and law students gathered on the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico for the 2014 CLS National Conference. It was a wonderful location to host amazing speakers and events. The theme centered around Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book/theme “Life Together” – which is what CLS encourages for all lawyers and law students traveling the path together. Attendees heard from great plenary speakers, including Author Jim Belcher and Authors/Attorneys Randy Singer and Skip Li. Attendees also took an evening out for a sunset paddleboat cruise on the Gulf and snuck away to spend time on those beaches.

Pre-Conference Events

10th Annual Institute for Christian Gift Planning

Living and Telling - Robert Trierweiler, Legal Counsel and Director of Legal Ministries, Cru

Keynote Speakers

Thursday: Chi-dooh (Skip) Li, Author and Attorney, Ellis Li & McKinstry

Saturday: Dr. Jim Belcher, Author and Professor of Practical Theology, Knox Seminary

Sunday: Randy Singer, Attorney, Author, and Pastor


1. Three Branches, Two Parties, One Amendment: Federal Religious Liberty Update - Kim Colby, Director, Center for Law and Religious Freedom

2. The Ethics of Representing the Difficult Client (Aren’t They All?) - David Dugan

3. Peacemaking 101: A Systematic Theology to Biblical Conflict Resolution - Steve Long

4. Discipleship: On the Road with Jesus - Glandion Carney

5. Legal Hotspots for Churches and Nonprofits for 2013 - H. Robert Showers and Daniel Hebda

6. Contours of American Jurisprudence and Public Justice: DE-Regulation, RE-Regulation, or Redemption - Jeffery Ventrella

7. Estate, Gift, and Income Tax Planning for the Charitably Minded: A Stewardship Perspective - Michael King, National Christian Foundation

8. Hearsay, Habeas, and Heels: Women and the Law - Jamie Grosshans, Sandra Kim, Laura Nammo, Kirstin Wallace, Delia Bouwers Bianchin

9. Holding Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Industry Accountable - Casey Maddox, Alliance Defense Fund

10. Christian Legal Aid from A to Z - Jim Richardson

11. Journey to Judgeship: A View From the Bench - Hon. Kenneth Bell, Hon. Charles Canady, Hon. Paul Huey, and Hon. William Palmer

12. Higher Law and Common Law - Jeff Brauch

13. Are We Ethically Preparing to Face the Coming Technological Wave? It’s Here ... - Richard Campanelli

14. Criminal Law and Capital Punishment: A Look at Current Practice and Biblical Standards From Both Sides of the Courtroom - Prof. Caren Harp

15. Child Protection: From Prevention to Responses - Theresa Lynn Sidebotham

16. Analysis of a Business Acquisition - Steve Chong

17. Leadership and Peacemaking - Steve Long

18. Christian Legal Aid Panel - Jim Richardson, Moderator

19. Can Roe v. Wade be Overturned after 40 Years? - Clarke Forsythe

20. Top Legal Issues for Christian Schools in the 21st Century - John L. Cooley

21. On the Cutting Edge: Hot Topics and Recent Developments in Legal Ethics - Wendy Patrick

22. Retirement: How To Do It By Someone Who Has Done It - James Richardson

23. The Human Side of Human Trafficking: Laws, New Developments and Victim Issues - Wendy Patrick

24. Personal Finance for Attorneys: Putting Your Financial House in Order: Money Management, Financial Planning & Wealth Building - Gary M. Laturno

25. The Incredible Shrinking Boundaries of the Attorney Client Privilege - Wendy Patrick

26. The Christian Litigator: Oxymoron or Opportunity? - Joshua Grosshans, Ronny Edwards, and Gene Shipley


Christian Legal Scholar’s Symposium - Discrimination, Pluralism, and Religious Freedom


James Sonne, Religious Liberty Clinic, Stanford Law School

Zachary Calo, Valparaiso University Law School

Mike Moreland, Villanova University School of Law

Stanley Carlson-Thies, Founder, Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

Stephanie Summers, CEO, Center for Public Justice

National Law Student Convention

At the National Law Student Convention, of law students from around the country gathered and met others with the same desire to discern their callings and become faithful followers of Christ in the legal profession.


Law Student Ministries Late Night Fellowships

Christian Legal Scholars’ Symposium and Luncheon

Law Student Praise and Worship

Law Student Mentoring Lunch

Special Events

Clearwater Aquarium Excursion

Welcome Dessert Reception

Sponsored by Trinity Law School

Book Signing with Chi-dooh (Skip) Li

Calypso Queen Dinner Cruise

Attorney/Law Student Mentoring Reception

Sponsored by Regent University School of Law

Book Signing with Clarke Forsythe

Book Signing with Dr. Jim Belcher and Randy Singer