Anton Sorkin

Anton Sorkin is Director of Law Student Ministries at Christian Legal Society. He previously practiced employment law and religious freedom litigation. His research and writing are focused on the confluence of law, religion, and public policy – with a number of academic publications in journals that range from the Journal of Law and Religion, Cardozo Journal of Law & Gender, and the Oxford Journal of Law and Religion. Anton has presented his research in various international and domestic forums, including at St. Hugh’s College in Oxford, England; Pepperdine University in Malibu, California; and the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. 

In his free time, Anton likes discovering new music, attending film festivals, discussing theology, and exploring discount booksellers to clutter his apartment. He’s also trying his luck with the game of golf – which continues to embarrass him in public.

Recently, Anton completed his doctorate (SJD) at Emory University School of Law under the supervision of Professor John Witte. He also received an LLM from Emory, a JD from Regent University School of Law, and an engineering degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Director of Law Student Ministries
703-642-1070 ext 203