CLS Attorney and Law Student Metropolitan Coordinators (Barnabas Project)

Christian Legal Society
Multiple (See Description)

Part-time [16 hours per week (including travel), averaged monthly; to be adjusted down based on deficiency in funds received from deputation].

Supervisors: Brent Amato, Chicagoland and National Barnabas Coordinator; Directors of Attorney and Law Student Ministries

Funding and Compensation: Deputation with a goal of $30,000 annually to be raised by Employee; up to $20,000 part-time salary, which will be provided by CLS the first year of employment; As this is a part-time position, health benefits and dental insurance are not included.

Proposed Job Description and Duties: CLS is seeking experienced attorneys who are called to support and promote CLS ministries in a metropolitan or high concentration areas of lawyers and law students. We are actively looking for someone in the NYC metropolitan region, Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, the Southern California region (and possibly someone in Texas or Florida).

Field staff will represent the Christian Legal Society throughout their region in all aspects of their work, including meetings with lawyers and law students and promoting Christian Legal Society to churches and through other functions. 

Field staff will perform all duties and responsibilities as a staff member of CLS consistent with the Mission and Vision of CLS and the following Mission Statements of the Attorney and Law Student Ministry Divisions:

The Attorney Ministries mission is:

To inspire, encourage and train attorneys to faithfully proclaim and live out the Word of God in their personal and professional lives. This mission comes to life for attorneys at the local level through:

1. Attorney Chapters: Growing together through active participation in the local chapter

2. Law Students: Investment in law students, both spiritually and professionally

3. Legal Aid Clinics: Encouraging involvement in, and prayer support for, local clinics

4. Christian Legal Resources: Receiving and using CLS resources that exist to assist the Christian lawyer, both spiritually and professionally; and

5. National & Regional Conferences

The Law Student Ministries mission is:

To nurture and encourage Christian law students by providing mentors and resources aimed at fostering spiritual growth, compassionate outreach, and the integration of faith and practice; and

To establish and maintain vibrant witnessing communities of law students on every law school campus in the nation and at key Christian colleges.

Attorney Ministry Work:

Work with the local CLS Attorney Chapters and other CLS groups in the area, providing discipleship, mentoring and coaching (collectively, “Fellow-Traveling”) under these general guidelines:

1.         Chapter Leadership. Meeting with chapter leaders as needed for Fellow-Traveling.

2.         Attorneys. Subject to time parameters, Fellow-Traveling with attorneys regularly either in person or by phone.

3.         Teaching and Speaking.  Leading Bible Studies, speaking at local events and writing articles for Christian Legal Society periodicals.

4.         Law Schools Liaison. Acting as liaison between attorney chapters and local law school chapters.

5.         Work with the Attorney Ministries Director and Staff to coordinate efforts with CLS in this ministry.

Law School Campus Work:

Work with student groups at the area law schools providing Fellow-Traveling under these general guidelines:

1.  Identify at least two, and no more than three, schools as a primary focus. These schools should have a good history of activity on campus and show promise for growth and engagement on campus and pursuit of the LSM mission.

2.  Identify at least one, but no more than two, law schools as a secondary focus.

3.  Subject to time commitment and effectiveness, the following would be expectations:       

A. Primary Focus Schools

  1. Help create, organize and maintain CLS Student Chapters
  2. Get to know and care for non-leaders when possible
  3. Attend meetings at least once a quarter
  4. Meet with leaders in person or by phone/e-mail at least twice a month
  5. Advise and counsel on leadership transition, new student orientation, and other campus work

B. Secondary Focus Schools

  1. Meet with leaders in person or by phone/email at least once a month
  2. Attend meetings once or twice a year
  3. Assist with leadership transition. new student orientation and other campus work

C. Other Law Schools

  1. Maintain contact with leaders
  2. Be available for consultation or speaking to the group

D. For All Law Schools

  1. Maintain a key contact list for leaders, faculty, and ministry staff working with students
  2. Notify local attorney chapters and LSM director of what is happening on campus.
  3. Connect local attorneys to groups as potential speakers and mentors.

4. Attempt to recruit CLS attorney members to perform these functions.

5. Work with IVCF Area Director (if present) and LSM  Director to coordinate efforts to hire an IVCF GFM staff to come alongside CLS in this work.

6. Work with the LSM Ministries Director and Staff to coordinate efforts with CLS in this ministry.

Joint Attorney and Law Student Work

Work with both lawyers and law students to develop, administer and participate in an annual Regional Retreat.

Participate in Staff Calls and projects when appropriate.


Qualified candidates should submit the following in one PDF file with your name in the file name to CLSHQ@CLSNET.ORG:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter detailing your interest in the position with an emphasis on how your experience aligns with the position’s responsibilities;

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest in this position but will contact only those to whom we offer an interview. All correspondence should be by email and not by phone.