Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under Illinois law in October 19, 1961. Pursuant to its bylaws, the property, ministry and other affairs of the corporation are managed under the direction of its duly elected and voluntary board of directors.

The CLS board, comprised of up to 25 members, including the 6 officers of the Corporation, serve staggered three-year terms. Officers serve terms of two years in each officer position, after which they must rotate off the board for at least one year. Provisions are made in the bylaws for regular introduction of new members to serve on the board. Board members are nominated by the board’s nominating committee and elected by CLS attorney members.

CLS corporate officers include a president, president-elect, past-president, treasurer, secretary and an executive director. All officers serve as ex officio members of the board in addition to its 19 regular members and have full voting rights as director members of the board. The executive director serves as the chief executive officer of the corporation. Officers of the corporation are elected by the board of directors.

The board has an executive committee with full power to act on behalf of the full board in between the three regular meetings of the board held each year. The board also has several standing and special committees. The six standing committees include one standing committee for each of the four major ministry areas, in addition to a development and a finance committee. The board also may establish advisory committees from time to time. Committees may include individuals other than board members. Committee members are appointed by resolution of the board. Board members may serve on more than one committee at a time.

Attorney members and student members may form local attorney chapters and student chapters of CLS. CLS encourages development of local chapters to express and enhance CLS' ministries locally.

Individuals who are not attorneys or law students are welcomed as associate members to participate in the affairs of the corporation. Associate members may serve on board committees, are invited to attend the corporation’s conferences and local chapter meetings and are encouraged to participate, as allowed by local rules of practice, in the various ministries of the corporation.


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